Check out that VIPER!

A Success Story of an ENGEL VIPER  

ENGEL AUSTRIA is celebrating the delivery of its 1,000th viper robot this month!

Seletec has been using injection molding machines from ENGEL since the 1980s, with the focus switching to automation in its new projects. That’s why an ENGEL viper 40, the anniversary edition robot, was delivered to the Pinzgau region as part of a complete package that includes an ENGEL duo 650 injection moulding machine.“With pressure continuing to build on costs, those of us in western Europe can no longer afford to work without automation,” says Gerald Rauch, head of sales and development at Seletec. “Automation guarantees stable processes, which raises productivity and enhances our production quality.”

The new large-scale machine will be used to make technical parts for a wide range of application fields, including housing components with metal threads. “When several inserts are placed into a mold at once, the speed of the robot is what counts,” stresses Rauch. “We also look for fast cycle times and maximum precision in our handling operations.”

In this photo, the thousandth ENGEL viper robot is handed over to Seletec. Pictured (left to right): Johannes Brandstötter, sales manager (automation) at ENGEL AUSTRIA; Franz Rotter, head of production at Seletec; Gerald Rauch, head of sales and product development at Seletec; and Klaus Mittmannsgruber of ENGEL AUSTRIA sales and distribution.  Seletec will use the ENGEL viper 40 robot to handle inserts and prefabricated parts on a large-scale ENGEL duo 650 machine.

Since ENGEL supplies both injection molding machines and robots from a single source, full integration of the two control environments is guaranteed.

More intelligence. More efficiency. ENGEL viper robots have clever software that ensures faster cycle times, improved productivity and a longer working life due to gentler handling of mechanical components:

  • Mass identification identifies the manipulated mass “online,” adapts the dynamic values to match, and thus ensures optimized acceleration
  • “vibration control” reduces structure-borne vibration, even for longer axis dimensions
  • “efficiency control” optimizes robot movements for maximum productivity while consuming very little energy.

Upgrade your linear robot to the VIPER

Now through December 31st, 2013 trade-in your old* linear robot for a powerful new ENGEL viper and save up to $4,750!  ENGEL viper robots are available in six sizes with nominal load-bearing capacities of 6 to 90 kg.  See the savings by robot type below:

  • viper 6    USD$1,000
  • viper 12  USD$1,500
  • viper 20  USD$2,000
  • viper 40  USD$2,750
  • viper 60  USD$3,750
  • viper 90  USD$4,750
* robot being replaced must be at least 3 years old
For more information or to place an order, contact today.

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