Touch screens, 3D surfaces, and dashboards: new technologies for producing automobile interiors.

Clear and crisp vehicle touch screens and 3D surfaces produced economically.  Soft dashboards manufactured in one machine.  The future is here. 

ENGEL clearmelt and ENGEL Dolphin technologies are two advancements that are making it economically and logistically possible to revolutionize the production of automobile interiors.

CLEARMELT:  Clearmelt is a sliding table technology that floods a thermoplastic carrier with transparent polyurethane, resulting in scratch-proof, 3D, high quality, visually-appealing surfaces.  ENGEL clearmelt achieves visually impressive effects on decor parts using back-injected foils as a carrier.  ENGEL clearmelt also supports overlaid carriers with integrated circuits which are comprehensively protected by a layer of PUR sufficiently thin to support easy actuation.  For the automotive industry, this means eye-catching interior panels can now be produced in a time-saving, economic and highly productive manner.

DOLPHIN: Dolphin is a process for the manufacture of soft-touch car interior components using a combination of injection molding and foam molding in just one machine.  A dashboard panel, for example, can be efficiently produced in one single operation. The conventional process involves the separate production of the core component and the foamed soft-touch outer skin and the subsequent lamination of the core component with the outer skin – all in different machines and with a considerable scrap rate.  Other projects using Dolphin technology include center console components, glove compartment flaps, and inside door trim parts.

LEARN MORE: Members of the automobile industry are invited to learn more about these exciting technologies in person at NPE 2012.  ENGEL is hosting a complimentary seminar on Wednesday, April 4.  Make plans now to attend either the morning or afternoon session.  Register here before March 23.

Morning Session: formal presentation 9am – 11am, open discussion 11am – 12pm

Afternoon Session: formal presentation 1pm – 3pm, open discussion 3pm – 4pm

GET A HEAD START:  To learn more about the technology, you’re invited visit the ENGEL website.  As representatives of ENGEL plastic processing equipment throughout the southern United States, including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee, engineers at Adams Engineers & Equipment are happy to talk with you anytime.  Contact us today.


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