Manufacturer from San Antonio, Texas installs four new ENGEL injection molding machines

San Antonio manufacturer Schlemmer specializes in making automotive parts with extrusion and injection molding machines.  They are also expanding into the plenum cabling and renewable energy products sector.  Schlemmer USA, a division of Schlemmer GmbH, has over 350 customers, including Tier 1 automotive suppliers.  The recent expansion of their US and Mexico operations was featured in Plastics News.

Adams Engineers & Equipment was proud to assist Schlemmer in its selection of four ENGEL injection molding machines to support their expansion efforts.  Schlemmer is installing two ENGEL Victory 240 injection molding machines and two ENGEL Victory 330 injection molding machines.  Each of these machines are equipped with Eco Drive, which is an energy-saving technology that allows higher tonnage machines to operate with maximum force and minimum energy use.

Once a new ENGEL machines arrives at its intended location, an ENGEL rep will assist the customer with the start up of the machines.   These pictures were taken by Adams Engineers & Equipment Project Engineer Jake Adams, who was onsite at Schlemmer during the start-up process, along with Jose Luis Trevino, ENGEL Service Technician.

The company recently hosted an open house to showcase the new machines.  Check back soon for our next post to learn more!

Have a question about these machines?  You’re invited to contact us today.

Three of the four ENGEL machines ordered on the plant floor at Schlemmer in San Antonio, Texas.

Here's a brand new ENGEL Victory 240 at Schlemmer in San Antonio, Texas.

An ENGEL service technician teaches a representative of Schlemmer in San Antonio, Texas how to operate the controls on the brand new Victory machine. Each machine has a smart controller, which links with Schlemmer's network, giving management control over production and allowing for remote-access troubleshooting.

An ENGEL service technician is setting up a new ENGEL Victory 240 at Schlemmer in San Antonio, Texas.

Two of the four new ENGEL machines on the plant floor at Schlemmer in San Antonio, Texas. The ENGEL 240 is on the left and the ENGEL 330 is on the right.

This ENGEL Victory 240 is waiting for a mold to be completely operational at Schlemmer in San Antonio, Texas.


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