NPE 2012 Sneak Preview

This is one green machine, literally.

Hybrid injection molding.  Flashless liquid silicone diaphragm.  No tiebar. Fully automatic.  Energy efficient.  State of the art.

This precision injection molding machine will be on display and operating at ENGEL’s booth at NPE 2012 in Orlando, FL.

“Precision molding is becoming increasingly important in LSR molding applications across all market segments.  The need for post-process trimming is no longer acceptable, which means flashless production is a must.” says Steve Broadbent, LSR/ELAST Project Engineer at ENGEL Machinery North America.

The diaphragms produced at NPE will be made of Shore A 50 hardness LSR from Shin- Etsu Silicones, Akron, Ohio. The machine will run a 7 second cycle, using a 64-cavity valve-gated mold with a cold-runner system supplied by Engel partner ACH Solution, Fischlham, Austria. ACH is also contributing a custom-designed, servo-controlled top- access demolding device. The SilcoStar 923 dosing system is supplied by 2KM Williamsville, New York and custom color is supplied by Gayson Sdi, Barberton, Ohio.

The e-victory press will also be equipped with ENGEL’s energy-saving ecodrive hydraulic system and servomotor-driven screw-injection unit.

ENGEL hybrid e-victory machines

“The hybrid ENGEL e-victory machines offer the precision of an all-electric injection unit with the flexibility of the tiebarless clamp unit and on-board hydraulics for core-pull functions”, says Broadbent. “Between the all- electric injection unit and ENGEL ecodrive, this machine has energy efficiencies equalling that of an all electric.”


With over 30 years in LSR molding experience, ENGEL has developed an LSR program that includes a combination of proven ENGEL injection molding –with horizontal and vertical clamping machines — as well as specially developed LSR processing components. ENGEL offers LSR molding packages on all sizes of ENGEL e-victory, e-max, e-motion, duo and insert machines, all readily adapted to insert molding, also known as overmolding.

The wide range of LSR machine models and sizes available provide the ability to mold parts from 0.01g to 500g. From insulation and sealing parts such as multiple-pin connectors, sealing rings and sealing membranes to baby-bottle nipples and silicone valves for needleless injection sites.

ENGEL ecodrive

The energy saving ENGEL’s servohydraulic ecodrive is a standard option on all ENGEL hybrid and hydraulic machines. In contrast to standard hydraulics with an asynchronous motor, this system has a fixed displacement pump and servomotor. The machine’s speed is directly linked to the drive speed. The ENGEL ecodrive regulates the motor speed according to actual requirements, with the drive being active only as needed to deliver machine motion. The advantage is that virtually no energy is consumed when the machine requires no motion, as during the part-cooling segment of the cycle.

The ecodrive is a particularly good choice for use with molds with hydraulic drives. The machine operates quietly, requiring little or no coolant, and the hydraulics are machine mounted. It achieves energy savings comparable to those of a fully electric machine. In

Join us at NPE 2012.

The Adams Engineers team will be onsite at NPE to answer any questions you may have about ENGEL machines.  Know you want to meet with us?  Set up an appointment ahead of time by contacting Cliff Adams, President of Adams Engineers & Equipment.  We represent ENGEL across the southern US and along the Texas-Mexico border.  Late to register for NPE?  Click here for a free badge.


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