Show Time in Austria at ENGEL

It’s show time at ENGEL AUSTRIA – on 13th and 14th June, the international injection molding industry will be convening in Austria for the ENGEL Symposium 2012 in St. Valentin and Linz. With challenging applications and innovative technologies on a total of 18 exhibits, with keynotes on the megatrends of the future in injection molding, an exhibition by partner companies, and the HL Awards Ceremony 2012, the ENGEL Symposium is a highlight in this year’s event calendar that some 2500 guests are expected to attend.

How can one continue to boost efficiency in injection moulding? What opportunities do innovative technologies offer for more competitiveness? How can individual strengths be converted into factors for global success? – Attendees can look forward to answers to these questions and others at the ENGEL Symposium 2012. For two days, events at the ENGEL large-scale machine works in St. Valentin and at the Design Centre in Linz will focus on every aspect of injection moulding technology and its automation solutions.

Different industries pose different requirements and need different solutions – focusing on automotive, technical moulding, telecommunications, packaging and medical technology, ENGEL will be showing – based on the example of 18 highly integrated and automated production cells – how customization of the systems to best match the task in hand can help to leverage the maximum efficiency potential.

Automotive: In situ polymerisation pointing the way to the future

ENGEL developed the in situ polymerisation technology in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT in Pfinztal/Germany. This technology is characterized by a totally new type of monomer preparation and metering as well as an efficient solution for automated handling of the unstable shape of the fibre pre-mold. “Due to the extremely low viscosity of e Caprolactam, even the finest fiber filaments can be infiltrated without damage and tailored fibre structures can be integrated to reflect the load”, emphasizes Peter Egger, the Head of the Technology Centre for Lightweight Composites at ENGEL AUSTRIA. “This development clearly points the way into the future of fibre composite lightweight construction.” Another developing partner is ZF in Friedrichshafen/Germany.

Technical Molding: tie-bar-less technology frees up space for large molds

Lightweight construction is not only the driver for new developments in the automotive industry. Manufacturers of household appliances are increasingly looking into this trend, as the wringing forks for floor mops by ENGEL customer Leifheit, Nassau/Germany go to prove.  The wringing forks are manufactured from polypropylene on a tie-bar-less ENGEL victory 3550/500 tech injection moulding machine with ecodrive and viper 40 robot using the ENGEL gasmelt process. Gas injection technology makes components lighter, which in turn makes them more convenient to use. At the same time, this reduces the material requirements and the cost per unit without impacting stability and quality. Besides these advantages, the high level of process stability achieved by ENGEL injection molding technology was an important criterion for Leifheit, when they came to select a machine supplier.

ENGEL is exhibiting a particularly sophisticated two-component application in collaboration with its customer Zumtobel Lighting, whose head offices are in Dornbirn, Austria. Ceiling lamp housings are first injected in polycarbonate on an ENGEL victory 1350/300 tech and then immediately sealed with a polyurethane bead. An ENGEL easix multiple axis robot demonstrates its excellent consistency and reproducibility of movement in this application with the sealing bead being applied to the root of the sealing groove which is just a couple of millimeters wide. The entire production cell including the PUR plant (Sonderhoff, Cologne/Germany), robot and conveyor belt is extremely compact and fits inside the footprint of the machine.

Teletronics: ENGEL duo large-scale machine electrified

ENGEL has electrified its dual platen large-scale machine from the duo series for highest precision with the shortest possible cycle times. The new ENGEL e-duo will be celebrating its world premiere at St. Valentin in June, and featuring a highly innovative application into the bargain. An ENGEL e-duo 2440/500 will be producing in-mould decorated laptop covers. The labels and the finished parts are handled by an integrated ENGEL easix robot.

Medical: Higher throughput with lower costs per unit

The all-electric ENGEL e-motion injection moulding machine is the focus of the Medical section of the exhibition. Three machines in cleanroom design will be presenting integrated solutions that live up to the trend of more efficiency in high-volume production of disposables. After all, cost pressure is increasing in medical technology, too. “We are seeing a trend towards larger, electric machines,” says Christoph Lhota, Head of the ENGEL medical Business Unit. “The factor driving this trend is the increasing use of large, multiple cavity molds for comparatively small articles with exacting precision requirements.”

Packaging: Ready for maximum performance

Taking speed and performance to the next level in packaging: “With cycle times of less than 3 seconds and injection speeds of up to 460 mm/second, the all-electric ENGEL e-cap injection molding machines are perfectly suited to deployment in fast-cycling and high performance applications in the packaging industry”, says Dr. Christoph Steger, Head of the ENGEL packaging Business Unit. During the symposium, an ENGEL e-cap 3440/420 will be producing just over 130,000 sealing caps per hour in a 96-cavity mold by Plastisud, Castelnaudary/France, with a cycle time faster than 2.8 seconds. A single cap including its seal strip weighs just 1.3 g, thus enormously and sustainably reducing the unit costs in combination with the unusually high levels of energy efficiency achieved by the e-cap. A camera-based quality monitoring system by IMD vista, Brügg/Switzerland guarantees 100 percent quality control.

Elast/LIM: Low-temperature vulcanisation opens up new opportunities

ENGEL also has a world premiere in the elastomer processing product programme. For the first time, a new vulcanisation method developed in collaboration with partner Elmet, Oftering/Austria, will be demonstrated on an ENGEL victory 200/80 LIM machine. “Lowtemperature vulcanisation opens up new opportunities in multi-component technology”, emphasises Leopold Praher, Head of Sales Elast/LIM with ENGEL AUSTRIA. “Liquid silicon can now be combined with a wide range of thermoplastics directly in injection moulding.”  During the symposium, sample parts made of a silicon by Momentive Performance Materials, Columbus, OH/USA, will be injected.

HL Awards for excellent tie-bar-less applications

Innovation is the driving force for shorter cycle times, increased productivity and less energy consumption – as the 18 exhibits at the ENGEL Symposium 2012 impressively demonstrate.  At the same time, the applications reveal how important collaboration with the right partners can be. ENGEL system partners from the fields of mould making, peripheral units, raw materials and services will be presenting their businesses and products during the event in the scope of a partner company exhibition. In the accompanying programme of keynotes, the topics include machine concepts of the future, the potential of injection molding technology and new lightweight solutions. Another highlight at the ENGEL Symposium is the HL Award Ceremony 2012 on the evening of 13th June at the Design Centre in Linz. These are ENGEL’s awards for excellent applications with ENGEL tie-bar-less machines.

ENGEL trend.scaut 2012: Focus on electromobility

The automotive industry is meeting one day before the ENGEL Symposium opens. On 12th June, the international automotive conference, ENGEL trend.scaut, takes place in Linz. The focus topic this year is electromobility. In particular, technologies revolving around the topic of lightweight construction play an increasingly weighty role. OEMs are faced with the challenge of implementing the new technologies in a production-mature and economically viable way. ENGEL trend.scaut and the ENGEL Symposium 2012 point the way into the future.


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