Brakes, mops, Kindles, laptop covers, bottle caps all made on ENGEL machines

Brakes, mops, Kindles, lamp housings, laptop covers, medical tools, bottle caps, buckets: where do they come from?   These plastic items can be produced on ENGEL machines.  Be sure to learn more about the possibilities of production at the ENGEL Symposium in Austria on June 13 – 14, 2012.

ENGEL Automotive

Inserts for brake pedals will be produced on an ENGEL e-victory 310H/310V/120 combo injection molding machine by applying the in situ polymerisation technology.

ENGEL Technical Molding

The ENGEL victory 500 injection molding machine is showing off its new design. Wringing forks for floor mops are manufactured on an ENGEL victory 3550/500 tech.

Ceiling lamp housings are first injected in polycarbonate on an ENGEL victory 1350/300 tech and then immediately sealed with a polyurethane bead. An ENGEL easix multiple axis robot demonstrates its excellent consistency and reproducibility of movement in this application.

ENGEL teletronics

The new ENGEL e-duo will be celebrating its world premiere. An ENGEL e-duo 2440/500 will be producing in-mold decorated laptop covers.

Thin wall technology in combination with excellent surface quality, this is the requirement that Amazon poses for the case of its Kindle eReader. The front covers are manufactured on ENGEL injection molding machines using Variothermal technology.

ENGEL Medical

Higher throughput with lower costs per unit: An ENGEL e-motion 80H/80W/180 T WP combi will be creating parts for auto-injectors on a servo-electric 16+16-cavity index platen mold.

The syringe barrels including needles are produced in a single step on an ENGEL e-motion 200/100 T.

ENGEL Packaging

Ready for maximum performance: An ENGEL e-cap 3440/420 will be producing just over 130,000 sealing caps per hour in a 96-cavity mould by Plastisud with a cycle time faster than 2.8 seconds.

The production of 12 litre buckets on a new ENGEL s-duo 4500/700 pico machine with ecodrive plus will be setting a different kind of speed records. The dual-platen machine achieves unusually short cycle times for this machine type.


The ENGEL roto feeder feed system ensures maximum process reliability in the processing of duroplasts and solid silicons.


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